Re-Tek believes that as a responsible employer and company operating in the circular economy it has to demonstrate through action that its behaviour is positive from a social inclusion and employability perspective.

As such it woks closely with the charity sector, provides training and skills, and is actively involved in work to support younger members of the workforce.

Working with the Third Sector

Re-Tek have worked with organisations such as ng2, a Social Enterprise company which provides services for the maintenance of a large estate of social housing in North Glasgow. During a six-month pilot project we were able to provide training to support staff to develop skills for the operation of the business models required (to effectively run collection and warehousing services). We have also supported Perth College’s WEEE Centre which offers students the opportunity to complete work experience on donated equipment.

Routes to Work

“Routes to Work South” support South Lanarkshire’s long term unemployed into further education, training and/or sustained employment. Re-Tek works closely with Routes to Work South and has hired 12 new employees within its operation to learn a variety of skills useful for all work environments.

Work on Social Inclusion

We are an inclusive business and try to provide opportunities for people who need extra support to thrive within a work environment. Re-Tek are passionate about working with people that will benefit from the experience, training and awareness-raising that can be provided. The company works with South Lanarkshire Council, for example, providing 39 weeks of experience to school leavers. We have also worked with local authorities such as Aberdeenshire Council (Social Work Department) in Aboyne (Recycle Deeside Services) and Stonehaven (Forest View Centre) to support the development of new initiatives which, through the collection, grading and storage of WEEE ICT, provide training and employability skills.

Re-Tek is proud to provide an inclusive environment and opportunities to promote employability skills for the local community.

However, we can do more and are always actively looking at opportunities to develop these aspects of the company’s behaviour and culture. To learn more or if you have an idea, please get in touch.

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