About Lease-tek

Lease-tek is an exciting new project from Re-tek UK Ltd, providing a competitively priced computer hardware leasing service that enables organisations to lease fully tested high specification refurbished Laptops and PCs, negating the upfront cost required to update their IT equipment. Benefitting from a warranty for the duration of the lease period the service will also include a dedicated helpline to support hardware issues.


Re-tek UK Ltd has been provided funding support of £81,809 through Zero Waste Scotland’s Resource Efficient Circular Economy Accelerator Programme which helps small and medium sized businesses in Scotland be more resource efficient and create a more circular economy.

Enhancing your green initiatives.

Britain is identified as among the world’s most profligate producers of E-waste ranking fifth in the weight of material discarded per inhabitant. Lifespans of consumer electronics such as Laptops, PCs, Tablets and Mobile phones is becoming shorter, resulting in E-Waste being the fastest growing waste stream in the UK. Enhance your companies green initiatives and lease refurbished equipment which will extend the lifecycle of perfectly functional products and reduce the environmental effects of recycling and landfill. The leasing service, Re-tek UK Ltd latest venture, will enable us to ensure that the equipment we process is used to its optimum throughout its lifespan.

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Low Monthly Fees.

The service is ideally suited for SME’s and charities with no up-front costs, access to a technical support line and low monthly fees. Leasing equipment also enables us as an organisation to ensure that when the technology no longer meets the needs of its current owner, we can extend the lifecycle of the equipment by utilising in the leasing service thus negating the carbon costs associated with recycling and landfill. Leasing is a very flexible way of securing IT equipment for your company and removes the initial significant outlay involved in the purchase of new IT equipment, enabling you to preserve precious cash reserves through manageable regular monthly payments, and help manage your cash flow more effectively.

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Short term leases are available, e.g. Trade Shows, University Enrolments, as well as our standard twelve month lease. Also consider the service for employee benefits thus allowing your staff to secure a great product over a 12 month period with the funds removed from their monthly pay. The products will be available for purchase at the end of the lease period for extremely competitive rates. Lease-tek is an extremely flexible service and we look forward to supporting your IT needs.

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